My son, Max Cronin, age 27 years old, committed suicide 1-14-16, as a direct result of complications he experienced from Lasik. He left suicide letters stating this and kept details of his complications. He experienced vision loss, constant eye pain, dry eyes, haze, and loss of quality of life resulting in depression and his suicide. He was unable to work or continue his life goals due to his eye complications.

As a medical physician, I can definitely state that Lasik complications can lead to suicide. I can also say that no one should have elective Lasik on their eyes.

For an elective procedure, the risks and long term complications are understated. The resultant complications and negative quality of life issues increase the risks of depression, attempted suicide, and suicide.

Nancy L. Burleson MD FACOG, Gonzales, Texas

“One day I found a strange bump underneath my eyelid and wanted to get it checked out right away. I started calling around to ophthalmologists in the area but the first few I reached were either very rude or didn’t have any openings for at least a month. Dr. MacKay’s office, on the other hand, was able fit me in the very next day…” (more at YELP reviews)

Carey T., New York, NY

Arnold KramerI have thought of writing this letter to you many times over the years. You saved my eyesight with your diagnostic skills and your wonderful abilities as a laser surgeon. I will never forget the warmth and gratitude I feel towards your help. My eyesight has essentially been stable since that time and I am doing okay overall. Warm regards and best wishes,

Arnold Kramer, Bronx, New York

Like many former preemies - babies born before the optimal 36 weeks - I was at high risk for serious eye problems as an adult. I feared that a tear or a detachment of my retina (the thin layer of tissue on the inside back wall of the eyeball that receives and organizes visual information) would force me to abandon my career as a journalist and be marooned on the sidelines of life. The hospital where I was born suggested I consult a retinal expert, so I became Dr. MacKay's patient in 1980. Thanks to Dr. MacKay's detailed evaluations and explanations, my worries disappeared. When the inevitable tear developed, Dr. MacKay repaired it with a state-of-the-art laser. Much to my amazement, my vision is excellent, enabling me to continue to work and enjoy my hobbies of reading fiction and enjoying art. Every day, I am grateful for Dr. MacKay's outstanding care.

Sharon Johnson
New York City, NY

I just wanted to write to say thank you for speaking up on the petition against Lasik.

I'm someone who has been truly harmed and appreciate the bravery of the doctors who stand up against it, which is what I think is the right thing to do. I've met so many people personally who have been harmed and I continually have to deal with expenses, discomfort and energy involved with the whole ordeal after Lasik.

I have to wear the most expensive lenses now and sometimes they don't even make them right and have had much damage to my eyes, so of course, I do not see normal that I so regret they ever even came up with Lasik.

I'm healthy in every way, and if I had never done Lasik, I would be what I was when I did it, a happy, healthy human being and enjoying everything there is that life has to offer, but now there are limitations due to what the Lasik situation has given me. I try to warn others as it is only fair they hear the "whole" truth, not just the marketing hype. If I can help One person from being harmed, I will.

I hope you don't mind me writing, I just saw that you were on the post and wanted to human to human, Thank You!! Especially being a doctor for being willing to post on the petition. Through this ordeal, I have learned to not trust almost all doctors anymore (but luckily I've met about 2 I can) so you have given some hope that there are more out there who have good ethics.

Thanks and have a great day!
Best Regards, Amy Momsen

Dr MacKay was instrumental in the adoption of eye protection in racquet sports. Both of her children were national squash champions, and they were the first nationally ranked players to use eye protection.

“Eye protection had been one of the main priorities of my “administration” while President of the USSRA, and it was accomplished. Timely and generous counsel from you was so significant to the story. It is hard to realize or accept that this was 30 years ago! I must believe that ocular impact injuries have declined even as the game has grown. So, thirty years later, I again thank you for your help during that challenging evolution”*.

Herbert H. Gross, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

*Personal letter from Herbert H. Gross, May 2010, President Emeritus of the United States Squash Racquets Association (USSRA)

I am 82 years old, and because of untreated amblyopia of the left eye at birth, had moderately effective vision only in my right eye and virtually none in the left. Four years ago, because of diminishing vision in the 'good' right eye, I consulted an opthalmologist. After his examination revealed 'nothing of significance', he referred me to a ' retina specialist', who likewise found 'nothing of significance' to explain my vision problems. Alarmed by the symptoms, my personal physician ordered a brain scan, which, fortunately, also found no explanation for my diminishing vision. Five months later, when my eroding vision had begun to make driving somewhat dangerous, I returned to the opthalmologist, who, after another, and longer exam, again found nothing, other than "very minor early cataracts-which would not warrant surgical intervention"

It was at this point that I consulted. Dr. MacKay, who, after taking a detailed history from me, undertook the most thorough and painstaking eye examination I have ever experienced. Midway through the exam, Dr. MacKay broke off and said, "Martin, I have wonderful news for you. You have cataracts...full blown cataracts." The cataracts were apparently of a kind that could be seen only if the light hit them at the proper angle, which Dr. Mackay had already suspected based on my history, and was thus, actually looking for them.

The result: She referred me to the surgeon who successfully performed the operation. Vision in my right eye is now virtually perfect, without corrective lenses. I can read the NY Times, without glasses. Color is back in my life and I had not even known of its loss. Dr. MacKay is a credit to her profesion, a fine person, and I shall forever be in her debt.

Martin L Weiss, Fort Lee, NJ

"I have been a patient of Dr. Cynthia Mackay since 1994. I know her to be a person having the highest standards of her profession. She is erudite, honest, cheerful and has great integrity. I unreservedly recommend her in the highest possible terms. "

Carl P. Fisher, NY, NY

“Twenty-three years ago, Dr. Cynthia MacKay saved my eyesight. After I woke up one morning seeing things I shouldn’t, my diabetes doctor sent me to Dr. MacKay. Calmly, she checked me out, scheduled a fluorscein angiogram for the next day, and two days later I began 7 weeks of laser treatments that decimated the abnormal blood vessels threatening my retinas.

“I’ve visited her regularly since then, and she is invariably friendly, accessible, and responsive — thoroughly focused on the patient in front of her. I wouldn’t see anyone else.”

Rachel B., Brooklyn

I am a Type l diabetic diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy in l992. There began a relationship with Dr.Cynthia J. Mackay that remains constant. Over the years, innumerable eye blood vessel leakages required numerous laser beam treatments. Each treatment was perfected by the capable hands and medical expertise of Dr.Mackay.

The clarity of vision that I now enjoy is due, in no small part, to Dr.Mackay's precise scheduling of eye exam visits every 2 months, every three months etc etc. This ongoing schedule enables her to detect,and treat early, any damaged blood vessels in the eye. Gratitude does not adequately express my sincere admiration for, and profound thanks to, Dr.Mackay.

Carol Payne, Bronx, New York

Dr. Cynthia MacKay is a superb opthomologist who has treated us for the past 20 years. She has repaired torn retina, removed cataracts, implanted lenses and treated glaucoma. We don't know how we would have gotten through all this without her.

Mr/Mrs. A.T. Johnson, Jr., NY, NY

Allow me to use the occasion of your new email address to more fully thank you for the wonderful help you were to me in saving me from a totally unnecesary cataract operation.

You were kind to initially speak to me by telephone. But your further step -- of strongly encouraging me to have my supposed cataracts examined by you when I was next in New York -- was the clincher.

Deep down I was surprised at the original cataract diagnosis. I thought I was happy with the way my aging eyes worked, and had other engaging things going on in my life (an English girlfriend at the UN in NY, having to close down a sizable company I owned) that were inconvenient to interrupt for a couple of delicate operations and recoveries.

But who would have thought a leading ophthamologist in Boca Raton would have been so sloppy (or worse) in his diagnosis, would have been on the verge of committing outrageous malpractice (on me!!!) but for your careful attention to someone who only knew you distantly, through your sister and Peter.

BTW it is interesting how suggestible an eye patient can be, even a patient who thinks he is "sophisticated". As mentioned, I had thought my eyes were great. But then, when the Florida, umm, quack told me they were terrible, that I was a danger driving around and would be amazed at the difference after the operation, I began to imagine I was having all kinds of problems driving, in the bright sun, whatever. Of course since you told me my eyes are in good shape, it is amazing how my confidence in them has returned.

All my thanks, Sincerely, Dan

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